Medical Weight Loss Programs in Phoenix AZ

For many weight loss can be a frustrating mission for those trying to reach or maintain their target weight. The sometimes obvious and basic equation of: Eating Less + Moving More = ? Weight Loss, does not always work. This is because your life is not in a test tube and there are many other factors at play that needed to be accounted for. Our Phoenix AZ physician weight loss programs offer the opportunity to discover these hidden weight loss factors and deal with them directly. This approach offers weight loss can be sustainable and be more predictable. As you will see this option is desired opposed to the fluctuating helpless experience that is so common in most mainstream weight loss programs.

Uncover the Internal In-Balance

Most physician weight loss programs will begin with a thorough examination of your internal physiological processes that relate to weight gain. Some common ones are:

Hormonal imbalances – Hormones are instrumental in maintaining the body’s physiological balance. Excess estrogen, low thyroid hormones, high cortisol, or low testosterone, can sabotage even the most precise phoenix weight loss plans.

Thyroid Issues – Thyroid hormones that are out of balance, benign or cancerous Thyroid tumors, and lack of iodine are all contributing factors in thyroid malfunctions. When the thyroid under performs – hypothyroidism – patients usually experience weight gain.

Poor diet and exercise plan – In some cases, excess exercise and too low calories can actually exacerbate an already sluggish metabolic function. It also send the wrong messages to the brain and can trigger hormonal imbalances.

Insulin/blood sugar imbalance – Healthy blood sugar levels are dependent on the efficiency of the pancreas and its ability to produce insulin. High and low levels of blood sugar can effect energy levels and food cravings. This has a direct correlation to weight gain/loss.

Benefits of a Physician Guided Weight Loss Program

The benefits of a physician guided weight loss program are that it provides key insights into holistic health while you lose weight. It maintains weight loss by achieving a relative balance, rather than depleting the body of necessary calories and nutrients. Some of these common solutions include:

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (bHRT) – Phoenix weight loss physicians work to balance hormones using 100% natural bio-identical hormones. BHRT works seamlessly with your own hormone synthesis and enhances the metabolic function of your cells.

Vitamin Therapy – By ensuring the body has adequate levels of key vitamins, food cravings are significantly decreased. Cravings are often the body’s cry for nutritional help and vitamin injections can help.

Prescription Medications – Prescription weight loss medications should always be utilized under strict physician supervision. However, these should be used only as a last resort. These can be anything from hormone injections to appetite suppressants and stimulants. Weight loss physicians will actively monitor dosages to coincide with weight loss and adjust the dosage accordingly. Other prescription medications may need to be adjusted as weight loss occurs.

HCG Diet and Weight Loss – SW Integrative Medicine offers the HCG Diet in Phoenix and Scottsdale area. They offer free consultations to discuss the details. Below you will find frequently asked questions about this popular diet.

Long term results

A physician weight loss program is more likely to give long term results and fit your lenses with long-term perspective. This is because our Phoenix medical weight loss doctors have a desire to improve your health overall. Weight related health conditions make up a large portion of the medical costs. Make sure your weight loss program has a plan for the long term, what you do after the diet, how to incorporate the current plan into your old lifestyle. These two have to merge for lasting results.