The HCG Diet at Southwest Integrative Medicine

Phoenix HCG Weight Loss Specialist Robin Terranella, N.M.D. and Specialist Christy Cline, N.M.D. at Southwest Integrative Medicine provide the HCG Medical Weight Loss protocol. This comprehensive medical weight loss plan is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and goals. Countless men and women in Maricopa County, AZ have been able to reach their weight loss goals and lose dramatic amounts of weight with an HCG diet plan developed for them by a weight loss specialist. The HCG Weight Loss Specialists at Southwest Integrative Medicine have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

The HCG diet couples the use of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone with a low-calorie diet of healthy foods to produce safe and lasting weight loss in men and women. The HCG hormone is naturally produced in women’s bodies during pregnancy and traces of it can be found in adult men and women.

HCG stimulates the body to metabolize fat stores for nutrients if a pregnant woman cannot take in enough daily nutrients and calories to sustain her unborn child. When this hormone is introduced in a non-pregnant patient with a low-calorie diet, it works in a similar way by causing the targeting of fat stores to supplement the energy and nutrients needed while taking in so few calories a day. This diet has helped numerous men and women in {Area} to lose weight and achieve the benefits of healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices.

HCG Weight Loss for Men

Although HCG is produced naturally in a woman’s body, men can also benefit from the HCG diet and do not need to worry about any side effects related to sexual function or masculinity. The HCG hormone works the same way in a man’s body as it does in a woman’s body, and men can lose weight without sacrificing lean muscle mass. Usually men lose an average of one pound per day with many male patients losing as much as 30 pounds with just one course of an HCG diet program. Helping men gain a leaner appearance, and greater energy levels can boost confidence, libido, and intimacy.

The body fat lost as a result of a medically supervised HCG diet plan may also improve male hormone balance. Body fat is known to store estrogen, thus excess body fat can significantly boost a man’s levels of estrogen, which can cause reduced testosterone production. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that helps to maintain sexual function, muscle mass, energy, and libido. When estrogen levels rise due to body fat, these functions can begin to suffer. Men may feel more lethargic, have lower libido, experience reduced endurance and stamina, and lose muscle mass while suffering from reduced testosterone levels. Phoenix HCG Weight Loss Specialist Robin Terranella, N.M.D. and Specialist Christy Cline, N.M.D. can use an HCG Diet program to help men lose body fat, lower estrogen levels, and achieve a balanced estrogen-to-testosterone ratio.

HCG Weight Loss for Women

The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is produced naturally in a woman’s body during pregnancy, and helps the body to utilize fat stores in the event a woman cannot take in enough food to nourish her unborn child. When a woman that is not pregnant uses HCG while observing a low-calorie diet, her body reacts in a similar way by tapping into fat stores to make sure her body gets its required nutrients.

In women, higher amounts of body fat can offset the progesterone to estrogen ratios as body fat contains estrogen. Excess body fat may lead to estrogen dominance, and because estrogen promotes tissue growth, higher levels of estrogen can raise the risks of developing breast or uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and fibrocystic breasts. Phoenix HCG Weight Loss Specialist Robin Terranella, N.M.D. and Specialist Christy Cline, N.M.D. can help women avoid developing estrogen dominance and reduce the risk of many health-related conditions by creating an HCG diet plan customized for their bodies.

A woman should start the HCG diet following the last day of her menstrual period, as her hormones must be at certain levels for the HCG hormone to have the greatest effect. It is also necessary to avoid cosmetic and hygiene products that contain fatty oils as they can be absorbed into the skin and affect the efficacy of the HCG hormone.

A Phoenix HCG Weight Loss Specialist at at Southwest Integrative Medicine will work with you personally to develop an HCG diet plan that is right for you. Countless Maricopa County, AZ patients have been able to restore their health and prevent obesity related conditions through weight loss with the HCG diet.

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