Southwest Integrative Medicine Reviews and Testimonials

“The Best Dr.’s in the World, the Best Caring Doctors in the World.”

There aren’t a lot left and Dr. T and Dr. C are the best. They do care about getting you healthy and even stubborn patients like myself they are patient with and that’s a feat in itself. I would highly recommend them to anyone and have! – Lisa

“Great Doctors, I Highly Recommend!”

I have been to Southwest Integrative Medicine for a few different things now. Most recently they put me on their HCG Weight Loss diet protocol. I was able to lose 45 pounds very quickly and surprisingly easy. This brought my high blood pressure back down to normal. I will go back to them in the future. – Jason

“A New Beginning.”

Thank you so much to the doctors at SWIM!! They helped me lose 70 lbs, lower my cholesterol, and blood pressure. I have never felt better in my life after dealing with diabetes for 35 years. Thanks Again! – Jim

“Saved My Life!!!”

My weight was getting so out of control. I started their HCG weigh loss diet program and lost 32 lbs! I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine, fit back in my clothes, and have tons more energy… Now I am back to eating and my desire for foods has changes drastically. I can hardly handle sugars and it has been very easy to maintain this weight loss… This program is the answer, Call Dr. Cline for an appointment to see if their weight loss program is right for you. – Pamela