About Dr. Christy Cline and Dr. Robin Terranella

Dr. Christy Cline

Doctor Christy Cline
Dr. Christy Cline

Dr. Christy Cline is one of the experienced weight loss doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine. She will take the time to listen to your concerns and explain how to improve your weight and any health conditions associated.

She has a strong background in both Eastern and Western approaches to medicine. She has helped hundreds of patients reach their weight loss goals with her holistic treatments: hormone balancing, whole foods diet changes, HCG Diet, acupuncture, nutritional support, weight loss injections like the slim shot, and more.

Her training in Eastern medicine started while living in Asia where she studied Tibetan Medicine during her last year of undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Her trip to Asia solidified her belief in bringing different aspects of medicine together. Her strong belief in natural medicine drew her to Bastyr University, one of the world’s top schools for integrative medicine. Here she earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters in Acupuncture.

During her medical studies she trained with specialists in the fields of cancer, HIV, hepatitis, weight loss, women’s health, family medicine, and Chinese medicine. Working with both allopathic and holistic doctors, she formed her unique background of integrative medicine.

Dr. Robin Terranella

Doctor Robin Terranella
Dr. Robin Terranella

Dr. Robin Terranella has extensive training and experience treating weight related health conditions using a wide ranging treatment options. From very early in his training, he took a special interest in weight related health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He believes that focusing on the controllable factors like weight loss and lifestyle are the cornerstones to effective treatment. Sometimes balancing hormones is all that is needed to kick in the metabolism and spur additional weight loss.

As a naturopathic medical doctor, he has learned the value of integrative medical care and weight loss as a cornerstone of treating many health conditions.

In my medical training at Bastyr University, I had a gravitation toward western medicine’s evidence based methods. However, my internships in conventional medical clinics confirmed the importance of personalized medicine. The doctor patient relationship sets the stage to treat the whole person..

With weight loss the importance of the doctor patient relationship is just as important. Whether we are using HCG diet, vitamin injections, or treating a weight related health condition trust is important, and that is why the relationship is so important to him.

To learn more about the therapies and services offered at Southwest Integrative Medicine, contact Phoenix Bioidentical Doctor, Robin Terannella, N.M.D. today to schedule a consultation!