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Phoenix HCG Doctor Robin Terranella N.D. and HCG Doctor Christy Cline, N.D. offer the HCG Protocol to patients in order to help them lose significant amounts of weight in Phoenix, Arizona. HCG is a safe, natural, human hormone that can be administered as part of a medically supervised specific low calorie diet that produces rapid, amazing weight loss results without suffering.

HCG naturally suppresses appetite and helps the body burn fat. It also helps to reset appetite-control functions in the brain for permanent weight loss. No other diet does this. Many people have claimed that the success of the HCG diet is the low calorie intake alone. This is not true. First of all, no one would be able to maintain the low calorie diet without the HCG hormone, or they would be miserably hungry (which they aren’t on HCG). Second, if one were to eat such a low calorie diet without the HCG, their metabolism would drastically slow down which would make them tired (which they aren’t on HCG) and they would immediately rebound and regain the weight after they stopped restricting calories – which generally doesn’t happen after HCG.

If you are looking for an effective holistic weight loss option, look no further!

Dieting, the very sound of the word inspires dread in most. You want to lose weight, but the constant hunger pangs, the cravings, and the challenge of knowing what to eat make the odds of sticking with your diet seem unlikely. Plus many diet solutions use stimulant based diet pills and foods processed with chemicals and artificial this or that. Luckily there’s now a safe way to diet without the constant hunger, irritability, or confusion about what’s good to eat. Human chronic gonadotrophin, or HCG for short, is a naturally produced hormone that can help. When HCG is introduced to the body in conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet, it has been shown to alleviate discomfort associated with dieting easing the discomfort with dieting.

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet is a weight loss program that was devised by British Endocrinologist A.T.W. Simmeons. The diet uses a hormone called human chronic gonadotropin, hcg for short. This hormone is naturally produced by pregnant women in very large quantities and helps make the fat stores more accessible to be burned by the body. This hormone based diet is a natural way to lose weight, without the introduction of artificial stimulants or other diet drugs. The HCG diet is a combination of low caloric intake, with specific dietary recommendations, and the application, or injection of the hormone. It is a quick and easy weight loss plan that works with most lifestyles.

How Does the HCG Diet Work?

The HCG Diet works in conjunction with normal body functions to trick the body into thinking that stored fats need to be used. The hormone is used by the body in a pregnant woman to make sure that the growing fetus receives enough calories. In a person that is not pregnant it tricks the body into thinking, when combined with low calorie intake, that the stored fats need to be used to feed the fetus, thereby burning up stored fat. Once these fat stores are released and the stored nutrients reach the blood flow, the appetite center turns off, so the dieter ends up not feeling hungry.

At Southwest Integrative Medicine here in Phoenix, Arizona, we use holistic medicine and weight loss solutions along with conventional medicine. Conventional medicine has brought a vast understanding to the physical processes of the body, but little understanding to matters of the mind and spirit.  This is where eastern medicine (alternative medicine) shines by offering practical and effective solutions for these problems which certainly impact our ability to loose or maintain weight loss. The doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine bring the knowledge of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern medicine together into a weight loss program that’s right for you.

Our local Phoenix, Arizona staff and HCG Diet doctors take a personal interest in your weight loss goals. We believe this relationship is an important building block for long term success.

Weight related health conditions can create a devastating and overwhelming effect. It’s hard to know where to start; Can you actually make a difference? Where to find the time and motivation to start? What diet do I follow? How much exercise should I do? Can my heart handle the exercise?

These are just some of the overwhelming thoughts that many people struggle with that keeps them bound to their excess weight and the health conditions that accompany them. Good news, there are solutions for you and we specialize in helping you loose weight and restore your organs. Try one of our effective holistic weight loss programs.

Patient Success Stories

“Great Doctors, I Highly Recommend!”

I have been to Southwest Integrative Medicine for a few different things now. Most recently they put me on their HCG Weight Loss diet protocol. I was able to lose 45 pounds very quickly and surprisingly easy. This brought my high blood pressure back down to normal. I will go back to them in the future. – Jason

“A New Beginning.”

Thank you so much to the doctors at SWIM!! They helped me lose 70 lbs, lower my cholesterol, and blood pressure. I have never felt better in my life after dealing with diabetes for 35 years. Thanks Again! – Jim

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